Dodge Planning Challenger with 909 HP That Runs on E85 Fuel

dodge challenger hellcat and competitor cars

The Challenger is on its way out the door. After an incredible 15-year production run, Dodge finally plans to retire the retro muscle car we know and love in 2024. But if these latest rumors are to be believed, the Challenger is going out on a 909-hp high note. (Shown above, the Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock.)

Mopar Insiders, citing an unnamed source close to the project, claims Dodge is planning a new Challenger SRT Hellcat model that’s able to run on E85 fuel. E85—sometimes called flex fuel—is a mixture of ethanol and gasoline with a higher concentration of ethanol versus your average gasoline mixture. It’s a popular fuel source for tuners looking to make more power, as it provides more thermal efficiency and, in some cases, improved fuel consumption.

If Dodge wants to send the Challenger off on a high note, it likely wants to do so with as much power as possible. And since E85 is an easy way to make more power, the rumor makes sense. Mopar Insiders’ source claims this Challenger variant will make 909 hp—69 more horses than the Challenger SRT Demon makes running on race gas.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a high-powered production car that runs on E85 from the factory. The Koenigsegg Jesko uses E85, along with a set of other tricks, to help it pass emissions while making 1600 hp.

This Challenger rumor is far from official news, of course, so take it with a grain of salt. We’ll likely know more by the end of the year.


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