The New Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has a Tiny Easter Egg

2022 porsche 911 gt3 rs

Lots of automakers hide easter eggs throughout their cars, but Porsche generally isn’t the type to do that sort of thing. That made it all the more surprising when Andreas Preuninger, head of GT cars at Porsche, showed us a tiny easter egg on the new 911 GT3 RS.

There’s a tiny vent just above the rear reflector, but the shape of the bodywork—which creates an air channel with a flap that sits behind the rear wheel—in combination with the reflector necessitated a piece that’s blocked off. A lot of automakers use fake vents purely for styling purposes, and Preuninger didn’t want to be accused of doing the same. “There’s this crazy people online [who say], ‘It’s not a real vent! It’s a fake vent!'” For those people, Preuninger made sure the little plastic piece was stamped with the words “no vent.”

You’ll have to get down on the ground to actually see the “no vent” embossing, and if your eyesight’s bad, you’ll need glasses to see it. The piece is so small, one wonders if anyone would ever notice there’s something even resembling a fake vent down there. But, Porsche takes a lot of pride in the fact that its cars don’t have any exterior elements there only for style. The folks there take this stuff seriously.

Not so seriously that they don’t have a little fun, though. Preuninger is a Porsche-world celebrity as much for his big personality as the quality of the cars his department creates. He’s also very proud, hence a desire to not be lumped in with the many automakers who use fake vents. Every piece on the GT3 RS has a function. Even the one that looks like it doesn’t.


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