Majority of marketers plan on using AI despite limited understanding

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The majority of those working in marketing plan on making use of AI in the next year despite not currently being prepared for it, new information has revealed

A survey from software firm Sitecore found that 72% of marketers in the UK plan to use generative AI in their strategies, with those responding positively saying they would look to allocate as much as 30% of their advertising budget on AI tools.

Despite this, the survey found that nearly half (45%) of the people working in marketing said they are not prepared for generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard.

Around 63% of UK marketers have already trialled AI, with more (68%) believing it is the time to invest in generative AI according to the survey.

Dave O’Flanagan, chief product officer, Sitecore, said: “Rather than becoming overwhelmed and exhausted by these advancements, we’ve found marketers to be bold and experimental in embracing technologies like ChatGPT.”

O’Flanagan, said: “Unlike other tools that have been tough to implement, generative AI shows promise in not only being relatively easy to incorporate into composable martech stacks but also quick to have a measurable impact on marketing campaigns.”

AI is often criticised for its potential to eliminate jobs but Sitecore found 70% of marketers believe it will generate new ones.

Most of the marketers (92%) think AI will also benefit them by helping to fill the skill gaps within their businesses.

The UK’s competition watchdog is currently investigating AI models, with the intention to issue guidance surrounding the rapidly emerging technology later this year.


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