Sequoia backs open source data validation tool Pydantic

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Pydantic, an open-source Python library, has been backed by US tech investment giant Sequoia to the tune of $4.7m (£3.9m).

Pydantic is used by coders to convert external datasets into the correct format and prevent the programme from crashing. A Python library is a reusable chunk of code that developers can draw upon instead of writing the same code again.

Created in 2017 by Samuel Colvin, a London-based software developer, Pydantic has since been used by companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Meta.

Speaking to , Colvin said that his software gets around 48 million downloads a month, largely from those at the top of the tech world.

“Right now, 12% of professional web developers use Pydantic across a wide range of applications,” Colvin said.

“The pace at which developers have come to use and trust the tool showed me the scale of the problem and appetite for a better solution.”

After gaining popularity, Pydantic Services Inc. has emerged from stealth with the seed funding in a round led by Sequoia, which also featured participation from ParTech, Irregular Expressions, and a number of angel investors.

The company will develop various software products inspired by the original Pydantic tools.

“We’re building cloud services, and we’ll have a generous free tier and usage-based pricing after that,” Colvin said.

“We’ll make developing and deploying applications to the cloud easier, safer, faster and ultimately more enjoyable for developers. We’ll start by helping engineers with small applications or functions, but long-term our aim is to be a force multiplier for all developers.”


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