Airbnb Teamed Up With Bill Nye and Olivia Wilde to Create Online Field Trips for Kids

These virtual Field Trips will take kids on learning journeys around the world.

We’ve all had to make adjustments since the coronavirus pandemic began, but perhaps nobody more so than children. In March, kids were asked to abruptly go from in-person to online learning and now are asked to either continue online or juggle some type of hybrid education. To help them — and their parents — make the most of their time at home, and to bring a little whimsy to their lives again, Airbnb is introducing a new collection of Online Experiences known as Field Trips. And they include appearances by some beloved actors and scientists.

These experiences, Airbnb explained, are designed for “parents to broaden their kids’ horizons and supplement their core curriculum.” One person signing on to help is none other than Bill Nye, you know, the science guy.

"We want everyone, kids especially, to be curious,” Nye said in a statement. “Asking questions and seeking answers is how we make discoveries and learn about the world around us. We’ll encourage questions and share facts with a new generation about some of this year’s hottest topics in science. It’ll be a blast."

Left: Bill Nye; Right: cooking class Airbnb

These experiences are meant to act as an extracurricular activity, which may be more important than ever before. As Airbnb noted, according to a new study of parents, participation in extracurricular activities is down 30 percent for children that typically take part in at least one during an average week.

Airbnb’s collection of Online Experiences for kids can certainly help fill the void. The activity choices include “Decoding The Science of 2020” with Nye, as well as a “Socially Conscious Story Hour” with filmmaker, actress, and activist Olivia Wilde, and even “How to be a Social Problem Solver,” a session with the Dias family of the #1000BlackGirlBooks.

“As a mother of young children, I’ve been navigating the challenges of at-home education with my own family this year,” Wilde added in the statement. “Now more than ever, I believe the stories we tell our children today are an integral part of who they become tomorrow. I’m delighted to offer this experience to encourage storytelling that fosters empathy, awareness, and curiosity.”

But that’s not all. Parents and children can choose from more than 75 different experiences, including a leopard safari in Sri Lanka, working with an archaeologist to uncover Pompeii, learning about the art of origami and the essence of Japan, and much more.

The Online Experiences range from $7 to $100. However, all proceeds from Nye’s Social Impact Experience will go to The Planetary Society, a nonprofit on a mission to empower the world’s citizens to advance space science and exploration. All proceeds for both Wilde and Dias’s Social Impact Experiences will go to Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. Check out the entire collection and sign up for a few today at


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