The Best Travel Apps of This Year, According to TIME

Make traveling simpler with these apps.

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The right app can save you time and money on your next trip, and generally make the experience better. But knowing which apps are worth it isn't easy.

TIME on Monday released its 50 best iPhone and Android apps of the year. Several of the apps are ideal for your next vacation: They can help you find the best airfare, save on the perfect hotel, or help you stay in touch with friends back home.

These are the top six travel apps of the year, according to TIME.


With WhatsApp, travelers can message and call friends and family from abroad for free as long as they have a data or Wi-Fi connection. The app allows users to send videos, messages, images, and call without paying hefty international fees.

According to TIME, a recent survey this April indicated that WhatsApp was the top messaging app in 55 percent of the world.

Free on Android and iOs.

Google Translate

Google Translate offers translations across 103 different languages, including offline access to 52 languages and the ability to automatically translate text using the phone’s camera for 29 languages.

The app got a few updates this year that helped it make TIME’s list, including a tap-to-translate feature, which allows users to see automatic translations of the text on the spot.

Free on Android and iOS.

Day One

One of the best parts about traveling is being able to have mementos of the trip to look back on.

That’s where Day One comes in, giving travelers a digital journal where they can record their journeys. The app automatically backs up user’s notes and includes photo elements to help you build a compelling travel journal.

$4.99 on iOS.


Finding cheap flights can take time, which is why Hitlist wants to help travelers find the best deals without having to sort through tons of flights.

The app allows travelers to filter deals and receive regular email or push notifications for flights, in addition to accessing historical airfare prices and providing city guides across select destinations.

Free on iOS.


Waze utilizes community-based data on traffic jams and road information to help drivers locate everything from the quickest routes to the cheapest gas stations in their area.

Users can also access live maps with voice-guided navigation and may soon be able to use Waze to get GPS in tunnels, thanks to the company’s recently installed Waze Beacons.

Free on Android and iOS.

Google Trips

Google’s new travel app taps into users’ Gmail and Google Calendar accounts to pull together travel information, including reservations and confirmations. The app also suggests nearby activities based on expert recommendations.

Plus, users can access these features offline, making it ideal for when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

Free on Android and iOS.

See TIME’s full list of the year’s best apps.


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