This Travel Backpack Can Give You a Massage on the Go

Eume is the world's first patented backpack with a built-in massager. Photo: Courtesy of Eume

While backpacks can be a great way to travel light with all the essentials, wearing them for extended periods can take a toll on your back.

That’s where Eume, a travel backpack with a built-in massager, comes in.

Eume’s three different TSA compatible backpacks come with a built-in massager that includes two points to massage the shoulders and back, with adjustable straps to let users move the massage points to where feels best.

Founder Naina Parekh first came up with the idea after noticing her back getting sore while carrying her bags from one work conference to another during her travels. One day, she found herself wishing she could get a massage to relieve the tension in her back.

The product, which has been three years in the making, recently entered its Kickstarter stage. It’s already surpassing its goal and currently accepting pre-orders for folks looking to test out the product themselves by the end of 2018.

Eume's massagers can be activated to just massage the shoulders, the back, or both, and are powered via a power bank. Power banks will need to be purchased separately.

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Eume’s backpacks are also designed with a flexible back torso to hug the back of the wearer, helping to maintain a straight posture and alleviate weight distribution when carrying heavy loads. A front strap also helps keep the bag in place when the massager is activated.

All of the bags also come with a rain cover, reflectors to make the wearer visible at nighttime, and antitheft features that include hidden pockets for valuables and covers that can easily be slipped on the bag's zippers.

Courtesy of Eume

Travelers looking to use the backpack as a carry-on will get the most use out of the Travel Pack, which comes with not only the built-in massager and an additional USB charging port, but also includes a toiletries pouch, a clothes sleeve, a sleeve for digital devices, and a shoe compartment to keep packing organized.

Courtesy of Eume

The bag can hold up to 42 liters and is currently priced at $179 for pre-orders, down $180 from its original price of $359.

The smallest product, the Classic Pack, also comes with the massager and USB charging port, in addition to two easy access pockets and interior pockets travelers can use. The bag can hold up to 26 liters and is currently priced at $99 for pre-order, down $70 from its original price of $169.

Finally, the Daily Pack, which can hold up to 27 liters, includes the massager, USB ports, and interior pocket for valuables. It is currently priced at $159 for pre-order, down $140 from its original price of $299.

While the company is currently only taking pre-orders through Kickstarter for those who make a pledge, it plans to start selling its backpacks directly on its site and through Amazon in early 2019.

Pre-orders made through Kickstarter will be delivered before Christmas of 2018.


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