This Traveling Family Is Still Creating ‘Bucket List’ Moments, Even Though Their Adventures Are on Hold

The Bucket List family opened up about their lives in a June cover story for Parents Magazine.

the 'Bucket List Family' walking on a beach Photo: ERIN KUNKEL/Parents

As families around the country are hunkering down at home due to the coronavirus, vacations have been canceled and plans of future travels have been put on hold. For the Gee family, known as “The Bucket List Family” for documenting their adventures on Youtube, they’re adapting to a life of not knowing where they’re headed next.

“While there is so much unknown, we remain optimistic,” Jessica told in an interview published Tuesday. about having to postpone several upcoming trips. “Meanwhile, we’re embracing little things like family dance parties and making them grand. You can create bucket-list moments every day.”

Jessica, her husband Garrett, and their children Dorothy, 7, Manilla, 5, and Calihan, 2, — who garnered one million subscribers on YouTube by sharing their travels to over 75 countries in four years altogether — are currently based in Hawaii and have canceled upcoming trips to the Middle East, South Korea, and Russia.

In June's cover story of the family took some time to reflect on their global lifestyle, sharing great memories and tips for the future.


“Manilla’s first time snorkeling and Cali’s first time swimming in the ocean happened on an island called Ray Caye, in Belize,” Jessica recalled. “The water was crystal clear and smoother than we’ve ever seen. I’ll never forget how perfect those moments seemed with just our little family experiencing firsts together.”

And even though traveling with three young children may seem like the opposite of a vacation to some parents, Garrett suggests letting the kiddos guide the way.

“We actually see so much more, thanks to the kids," he said. "They notice things that we don’t, such as the little fairy homes in the forests of New Zealand, and they make experiences more magical, like the time they rubbed every single lamp in Turkey’s Grand Bazaar looking for a genie. Plus, they’re so good at socializing, you meet many other families through their introductions.”

Getting involved in COVID-19 relief efforts they’ve started a campaign, "Kindness vs. Coronavirus," where they are matching donations made to people who need things like groceries or paying bills.

“With any bad tragedy is the opportunity for good to rise up. Especially as families, neighbors, and even strangers that need a helping hand,” they wrote on Instagram of their initiative to help those affected.

“We invite you to message us if you’re helping someone in your community who is struggling financially because of the pandemic,” Garrett said. “We read through the messages daily and select a donation to match.”


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